Friday, 4 March 2011

tak ada yang abadi.

life's like a movie. it gives you teaser.
the teaser says ; nothing's eternal. and it's quite short. it can be ended anytime.

now, it all depends to us, would we give up? when we know, everything's not immortal.
all things you achieved, is doent matter in the end. all the things you've done, does matter suddenly.

to be honest, when i think about the point that nothing's eternal. i feel like dying, and want to die. hahahah i mean, what's the use that we're trying so hard now when in the end... none of them is lasting. thats me being apathetic.but i need to step away from it. detachment, like Morrie said.

and then i think again, life's like doing acrobat. you have to focus, so you can stay great. bcs, problems, troubles, and, death, is around us. are only step ahaead when we did a simple mistake.

let say we're walking on the thin wire crossing high higghhhh cliff. a single mistake will deliver us, to death. a simple small wind will take us to death. the wind is like the death. who are trying to fall us down.
shoo shoooo...

or let say, we are crossing a high way. which be passed by million cars speedly.
then, when we cross it, we gotta be so much careful, or in the next second, and next step, we could be die. hit by car. BOOM!

hahahah i know, what's wrong with me tonihgt? being so.. gothic?
i dont know, the thing i know is, i am afraid now. the idea of dying is eaten me up now. and i hate it.
and i hope everything's gonna be ok.

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