Thursday, 7 April 2011

i wish i werefalling in love. this might sound greater.

You and I painting rainbows when no rain falls on our wall
smelling raindrops on a hilltop as they fall
you and I laughing loudly with no reasons in our walk
chasing sunsets… dancing minuet in the dark
why don't we just disappear
if that could keep us here?

You and I sharing snow fall and the beach sand in our thoughts
writing love words with our whispers in our hearts
you and I stealing kisses from each other when we fight
making wishes on the same star every night

Why don't we just dream away
if that could make us stay?
why can't we just dream away?
we're not real… anyway 
Why don't we just stay this high?
pretend we're all that fly

why can't we just stay this high?
we might rule our own sky
You and I singing solo our very own silly song
playing lovers of all edens all life long
(Stupido Ritmo, Float)

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