Monday, 9 May 2011

surat untuk adik kecilku

last night my mom told me that my bro always said this "kakak aja boleh masa aku ngga??!"

so my lil broster. this is what i am gonna tell you.

i might not be the greatest sister you ever have.
so please dont look up to me. dont take me as an example. bcs back in old days, i have no one to look up to. so i gotta learn and figure out the world by myself. and i want you to did the same.
i might look dont care about you guys, but actually i do.
i might always coming home late at night but i dont do drugs. i realize it's a junk i shouldnt try. (smoking is okay as long as you just try. JUST TRYING.)
i might yell at mom or dad some other times but they're still number one at my heart and i have promises to make y'all happy someday.
i might look rebel most of the time but i just do anything my own way.
i might never study but school is always number one for me. bcs i realize education is the most important privilege human can get. 

whatever you see from me, please be a nice guy. i just believe in you, you are a smart and creative lil bastard. i know you will made my day someday. and make me saying proudly to others, : "thats my bro."

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