Wednesday, 1 June 2011

i still have a hidden dream

the only reason why we're dreaming is, to make us pursuing them.
we dont dreaming for no reason.

then again, lately ive been thinking to be into film industry. :/
bcs lately ive been surrounded by such a young and talented movie maker, and i like their world. and the people, so humble.
then again, i thought to myself. where i wanna be a fashion photograher. and i think, do i really want them? (after i followed and tasted the atmosphere) 

i think.. no. but i still wanna be a photographer. experimental one. and i still wanna publish a book.
well, in the end i just wanna be an artist.

and.. i decide. to apply for scholarship. either art or film study. bcs deep inside, im so craving for studying art and,or film. but, just not now.
bcs dream is to be pursued. not only be dreaming of.

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