Tuesday, 19 July 2011

speaking of soulmate.

do you guys believe in soulmate?
well i dont. i dont believe in that we are all have the one who destined for us, and only us. and only them.
no i dont believe in old greek myth which saying that we actually 4 handed, 4 leg, 2 heads creature that tore apart. and we shall have the other one. no i dont.

its just silly. its ridiculous system. i believe god wont be that stupid.

imagine we only have 1 soulmate. then what about we didnt find them. what about they are far away across another continent. what about they die first before we meet them what about they pick the wrong person instead of us. what about they decide to be a bishop. what about all te posibilities that could happen?

what about.. our parents isnt soulmate to each othe? isnt it breaking our heart? knowing 2 people who raise us, isnt born for each other and have to live for the rest of their life, just bcs of us? and not be able, to find their true love.

lets move on.

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