Monday, 8 August 2011

sleep when you die.

so hai, i notice my long no-post term here, so pleasee.. pardon me. im in the middle of big stagnancy here.

mm, tadi malem, saya ga bisa tidur. seperti biasa. jadilah, saya ga tidur sama sekali. hahah
what i wanna told here is, ketika gue ga tidur, gue pura2 tidur (eh? mulai ngablu kan nih otak) dan ketika gue pura2 tidur..
i noticed my dad always come to my room every morning.
at first i was annoyed. until i realized, he came to my room to turn off the air conditioner and cleaning my glasses.
cleaning, my fckin glasses! at 5 fckin AM in the morning!

gees. i was like.. awww thast the very sweet of you dad :')
i am kind of girl who dont fall for a sweet words and girly and romantic things. but this, is truly....... lovely. to me.
what he did to me. its simple, but meaningful to me.

and  i was like, i wouldnt know this if i sleep. everytime you sleep, you missed something.
so try to not sleep sometimes ppl.
so many things happen while we're sleeping.

so i guess, i'll sleep now. i dont care what i missed. ive seen much. i need to rest this whole body before i start craving brains.

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