Sunday, 18 September 2011

how you gonna live you life?

people keep telling us that life is only once so live your life to the fullest.

but whats fullest? how is fullest like?
i mean... if people realize that life is only once, then, why the heck they still do the same routines like dead robot?
i mean, i dont see where's the fullest part they living in.

i keep see so damn many people who grew up, going to school, get a job, married, sick and die.


i dont see everybody do whatever they want. dont care bout money. smoking pot everyday. jump from the bridge just bcs they feelin it, dance in the street.
doing sky diving, travel around the world.

being out of our comfort zone.

so you still want to tell me, live my life to the fullest?
if you really want me to live to the fullest, i'd travel to north and you will never see me as in me now.

bcs, we are greedy bitch. we will never live our life to the fullest, bcs we will always want some more.
we are only human.
the only key to live our life to the fullest rather than spending our money.
is, being grateful to the fullest with what we have now. and make it double to the next level.

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