Friday, 28 October 2011

the feeling strikes back

the feeling strikes back.
i wanna have a fight over something with you.
arguing small things.
getting sad and mad each other
then come back missing you so much.
bcs sometimes, fighting isnt always bad.
it means we have something to fight for. to be hold.

the feeling strikes back.
i wanna hug you tight.
well i should've hug you right there.
i wanna feel safe and sound around you.
sharing silence. watching tv and dont get excited.
but it's okay, bcs im with you.

the feeling strikes back.
i wanna kiss you while in the middle of crossing bridge where nobody crosses it
bcs to lazy to hike the stairs
i wanna tell you all my stories but too nervous bcs you were so adorable today

the feeling strikes back
everytime you called me "sayang" or "kamu"
it makes my tummy feels weird.
my blood runs faster and my veins could explode anytime soon.

the feeling strikes back
when i look at my friend with her couple.
who shares love to each other and looking so cute.
and feeling graceful bcs they found each other.
then my mind stumbled on you.

the feeling strikes back
when i want you entirely mine.
then i remember, we're nothing and i dont know
are we going somewhere..
or just stay in a place.

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