Sunday, 9 October 2011

let me break it down to you,

based on what i thought previously, i said it, single-and-happy statement is overrated.

1. being single and happy, after you break up. stating that on your status, tweet, putting a smiley on it. doesn't mean you truly mean it. you are in a big denial. you are covering your pain. as if you are so tough and wanting it from long time ago, as if you are so tough.

no, the more you say you are happy, the more i see, you don't. come on people, just be realistic, whats so bad being weak? you wanna cry? cry. you wanna curse bcs your relationship that you've been fighting didn't work? curse. you wanna slap the bitch who still your man, slap something else (keep it classy, girls).

i mean like, being tough, isn't about you confirm that you are single and happy, after you break up. no, its more about how willing you let him go. like, after a few weeks, are you still gonna cry in the middle of the night and missing him? like, will you still be stalking his fb and his new lover? will you be moving on? you are single, and not happy. for a while.

but dont let yourself drown in your sadness. you can be sad, but you need to step it back then. dont be too long, bcs you will miss so many opportunities that might come after you are single.

2. you are single. not breaking up, just single. and stating you are happy. well, bullshit. from we were kids, we are told, and taught that we, human, are social beings. where we need each other to communicate. and on communiction, i learn "teori kubutuhan hubungan" where it says,
Inti dari teori ini adalah asumsi bahwa fungsi komunikasi interpersonal untuk membuat, membina, dan mengubah hubungan dan bahwa hubungan pada gilirannya akan mempengaruhi sifat komunikasi interpersonal proses interaksi menciptakan struktur dalam sistem. Bagaimana orang merespon satu sama lain menentukan jenis hubungan
yang mereka miliki.
and McClelland's Theory of Needs
Affiliation Those with a high need for affiliation (nAff) need harmonious relationships with other people and need to feel accepted by other people. They tend to conform to the norms of their work group. High nAff individuals prefer work that provides significant personal interaction. They perform well in customer service and client interaction situations.
i guess it proves, we cant deny it, you know what i mean. friends is not enough, will never enough. as long there is invisible substance called love. we always longing for someone to love and being loved.

so, stop saying "i am single and very happy" i am sick of your bullshit.

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