Friday, 7 October 2011

so dont give up.

call me stuck up, but i think i quite know how universe works.

first, he makes things seems working out for us.
then suddenly, like lightning struck, so does problems.
all went wrong when everything is almost wrap.
then, this is the real challenge. where we could solve it, or we would just give it up.
if we could, then we would got something 3 times bigger than we should get.
if we give up, well, boo you. you will get nothing but regret, lessons, and another chance in any other possible way coming up. (until we screwed it up again)
then, i gotta tell you, he's not gonna give us the problem that bigger than our power. he already plan it. it;s our job just to find it out how to solve it. in other way, there's a big big thing await for us.
the harder we try, the bigger we deserve.

thats how universe roll. cmiiw

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