Friday, 7 October 2011

thats what you got when you messed with m.

Aduh sumpah mungkin ini post plg ga pennting ya. But I'd like to share.

So, idk. I am not type of screaming-girls-bcs-see-a-living-cockroach but I disgust them so much. I have intention to kill em everytime I see one. Like, so so big intention.

Anw, last night when I slept, suddenly I felt something walking on my face. Yes, on my fckin face! Then I just panicked bcs I knew its some kind of bug (but it was too dark to see) so I just grabbed it and threw it away! It was a cocroach. Fckin cockroach. On my face! Fck! So I woke up, and thinking of killing it immadiately. But then it runaway. I missed it. So I got back to sleep and thinking, "that fckin cunt must die tomorrow. Idk how, it gotta die. Maybe turning its own body upside down."
And I fell asleep.

Then this morning, I woke up, suddenly when I randomly check the floor. There is a cockroach (idk the last night cockroach or no) lying upside down.
I was like..... :o what did I do last nightt???!
So here are some possibly scene crime that I made :

1. I killed it in my subconcious. I mean when I asleep I just go find them sunciously
2. The power of mind. Like, when I think abt it, it just "boom!" Die.
3. They (yeah perhaps there r so many of them. Making a group here) think am such a monster and know I will ruin their place and their peace until I killed one, so they decided to sacrifice one of them. Assume, already dead one.
4. The cockroach secretly loves me so much. He used to watch me everynight. Actually he's abt to kiss me(??) Or like just something like that without any intention to wake me up.but then I accidentally woke up and grab him away. He knew I wanna kill him so bad. so he decided to suicide for my own peace. He turn down his body. What a lovestory.
5. Someone has killed it for me. When I was sleeping.
6. It wasn't the real cockroach. It was alien.
7. He knew magic.
8. I am a witch.
9. I have superpower.
10. Let's assume this wholeee thing, was only a dream.

That's all folks. Reported live from my bed. G'morning and have a nice day.

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