Friday, 25 November 2011

every sides has 2 stories. c'est la vie.

now i am starting to hesitate abt whats right and whats wrong in this actual life.
take an example you did something wrong, legally. like taking someone's wallet just bcs you dont know what to do and you're too hungry to think and you have a family to be feed.
then you got arrested by police.

you feel sorry and regret.
but then again, is that a punishment from god? i dont think god, that i know, that cruel.

then, you're trying to legally follow all the rules in order to let yourself out.
but then again, the police, who should be taken care of your case, instead do all the procedure quickly so everybody happy, they make it harder with fckin red tape thingy and in the end, money talks.

so, who's cruel now? who's bad now?

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