Thursday, 15 March 2012

I’ve never been here.
I don’t why I am here.
I don’t know what to do here
What I supposed to do here.
I don’t know what actually people do here
I’ve never been here.
I am not lost.
I have never been this directed. But.. It’s just a whole new level to me.
But it’s just so awkward
I want to be normal. But I don’t know what’s normal.
I used to walk alone.
But I met someone on the journey.
Don’t know will he stay.
But I guess not if I used to be alone and pushed him aside.
So this is me, this is what I do. I pushed people aside.
So I can walk alone with my stubbornness, my agony, my arrogance, and my stupidity.

So, will you still stay? Will you let me know? Will you tell me?
Will you show me, what people usually do here? Show me some what people go crazy about here.
If you don't willing to, just go. Before I am to depended on you. Before I need you.

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