Sunday, 8 April 2012

talking about fetish.. i want it, hard!

do you guys have any fetish?
well what is fetish actually means anyway?

Fetish means an an object worshipped for its supposed magical power it also means a form of sexual desire in which saticfaction is focused adnormally on an object, part of the body.
well, it simply means, a specific activity that one particularly likes. It can be naughty or nice.

well, i have a fetish. but not in a sexual attracted way.
i like to collect all good movies i've watched  or i want to watch, in a dvd. i dont care abt how fast my internet connection and about how easy i can get rare movies i like on internet, i want it in a dvd! a piece of dvd where i can keep for the rest of my life. and play in on my dvd player. not a computer! not in a harddisk! not in a soft copy. i want it, hard! hard copy.

thats it.

because somehow it feels right to me. having something real. like i am part of history (?) like a real prove to my grandkids (if i will ever have) someday "kids, ive watch those good old movies. here, i will inheritance it for you." and my (cool) grandkids will be like "omg grandma! you're so cool back then!! its so hard you know finding hard copy of this movies."

hahahah yea. i dont care. i just like it that way. what about you?

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