Thursday, 19 April 2012

grow up..

having a religion doesn't mean you hv a god to be blamed when you are in the middle of bad situation , it means, you have god who believes in you that you can go through that situation and you have god to believe that you could do it all.

dont entirely believe in bible. believe in your heart. and respect universe, nature and human being.

this is why i dont like praising god in some kind of church. i feel like there are so many more real instrument to praise god. that will be more appreciated in real life.
besides i dont like the side effect by constantly going to church that will make us feel "safe" i mean like, "i am safe, am not going to hell bcs i am constantly going to church every sunday. wohoo" that kind of thing.

i think, god is a unique substance in life that will be shaped in any kind of form. could be your mom. could be a homeless that you treat badly. could be tukang sayur that you give a cold shoulder every morning. somethin like that. who knows..

ah ngomong apasih gue.. yuk tidur.

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