Sunday, 29 April 2012


so much things to process.

yang tadi paginya everything looks just fine and finally i seem to have a lil hope then suddenly, everything goes wrong and soo much worse. in one night.
suddenly he took a lot of blood from his anus, to he's not even standing in the morning.
i cant stand it/ i cant see his sad sad eyes, that tell me that its so damn torturing.
i keep telling him to survive bcs i promise him a lot of meat and milk, which he likes, and i promise him i will play with him more often. i promise.
then i slept there with him, holding his head. he seems so weak and suffering.
i swear i wish it was me.

im sorry baby for not treating you right. i miss you and i love you so much.
please, be healed.

ps. ive never been this sad just so you know.  not even when he left me. i know ypu guys will laugh on me bcs i cried over my dog. i dont care. i cant be a heartless bitch. i cant pretend this is fine, hes gonna be fine soon its just a clod, no i cant when you saw i what saw last night. my baby, is dying. and suffering there! i cant!!!

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