Tuesday, 3 July 2012

where the great things are.

hmm lately this "magang" thing become so real to me.
to be honest, im so ashamed of myself bcs i hv a friend who's got an intern in lifestyle magazine (and it's cool btw) she writes. articles. for magazine. the fact she is in fashion business major got me punch in my face. she's not even a jounalist student. like me.

damn. i know, it's not that am not thinking abt it. i do thinking about it lot. and the fact i just ended my 4th semester- and i hv to take intern in 7th semester, anyway - of course i think about that. it's getting closer man.

but.... i dont know, i want to. but where do i want it to be?
seriously, i hate getting out of my comfort zone.

but the thing is, that's where almost great things are. outside our comfort zone.

ps : congrats, Dhe. :)

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