Friday, 12 October 2012

kicauan-kicauan kecil.

Tuhan, menemukanMu memang tidak mudah. Tapi bukan berarti Kau tak ada kan? Dan caraku menemukanMu adalah dengan mempertanyakanMu dahulu.

Religion is about advertising. God, is another story.

Everyone is a stranger. Stranger with same blood, stranger I know, stranger I meet, stranger with history, and you, are stranger I love

  I think I'm starting to believe in alien since we're so insignificant and super tiny in this wholeeee observable universe.

Since I'm so going to hell in every kind of religions, Idk what's the use of "pindah agama"

Feels so blessed to hv you in my life. You make me feel the love of god even when we don't praise Him in the same way... ...And to me, it simply proves that god does exist. In anykind of way we called it


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