Friday, 15 May 2009

here is the list

:D these things are hmm 10 things i want to learn and could be moree
i think ( and maybe my parents do) should learn ballet haha

bass : cause the sounds its sooo coooool hahha
graphology : i could read your personality from what you wrote. how cool is that!
flute : i love the sound. sounds like heaven :p (lebaay)
russian : idk why, i just interest in it :)
how to fly : hey how wonderful if we could go anywhere without have to depend on such a pollution-produce-things called car or watev :)
photography : this is what i crazy for lately
art work : lovee it
adobe : it would so much helping in many ways.
make someone smile everyday : yeay ! even idk how to put a smile on my own but at least it would be so great if i could see someone smile because of me and it automatically makes me smile too :D
roller skating : this is what i want to learn since i was kid. huff.

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