Friday, 15 May 2009

surveys on me!

Your answers for the First Word That Comes To Mind Survey


monyet kau! :p


aurora ( ha? hha)



red cross


steak :D

fried chicken hha

macbook :p


yellow orange red


freeeaaaakkkk :D

Your answers for the Crush Survey

Do you have a crush on someone?

Do you talk to him/her everyday?
used to be

Do you talk about them to your friends?
yes, some of

Does your crush like you?

Do you think about him/her?

How long have you liked your crush?
about a year maybe

Is your crush handsome/beautiful?

Do you dream about your crush?
sometimes :(

Do you like hearing their voice?
a lot

Do you like recieving text messages from them?
a looooooooooootttt

Do you like their laugh/giggles?
yes yeees

When you see them, are you shy?
yes yeees haha i became so unfriendly :p

One day will you be with him/her?
hope so?

If you could tell them how you felt about him/her, would you?
idk if he wants to hear that

Do you have pictures of your crush?
lalala yes

Do you get jealous when he/she talks to the opposite sex?
honestly, no but , depends on who he talks to

Are you comfortable around your crush?
yes a lot

What do you think about his/her clothing style?
soso. simple yet comfie

Will you wait for him/her, to be yours?
thats what i question for

How was this survey you guys?
soso :p

Your answers for the Random Survey For The Bored

What is on your desktop wallpaper?
a guitaring cat wahaha (so what? it used to be a digimon!)

What is your favorite zoo animal?
wolf hha is it in the zoo? okok, hmm, some birds maybe

What was your favorite toy as a child?
my bike

What food do you eat too much of?
calamari, salt, noodle

What kind of hairstyle do you have?

What was your favorite activity in gym class?
run maybe. i love to be fast but its tiring me a lot. ooh! kastii! :D

What is on the shirt you are wearing right now?
yellow long sleeves shirt

What is the picture nearest to you of?

What kind of salad dressing do you like?

Whats your least favorite food?

What do you do on a Sunday night?
watching maybe

If you could only use one condiment on your food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
chili oh no, salt, oh ok. chili!

What color are your sheets?
pink -.-

How big is your computer display?

What pair of shoes do you wear most often?
my old comfie converse :)

What is your favorite game?
sims 2

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
i dont celebrate it hhe

What is your favorite pizza topping?
meaat, mushroom, and peperoni

What time do you plan on waking up tomorrow?
i plan at 9 but i have to wake at 6 actually -.- aaa

What is your favorite day of the year?
dont know yet

Your answers for the All About Me Survey

I Am
who i am

I Want
what i most dreaming of lately

I Have
such a great freakin family and friends

I Wish
i could be happy even when i had my heart broken

I Hate
my egoist side

I Fear
of nothing :p (liar! i fear of reality -.-)

I Hear
a coldplay's song for now

I Search
my true personality inside.

I Wonder
about what future brings to me. what God plans to me. and why aargh

I Regret

I Love

I Ache
on my knees -.- (and heart aww aww awwww huahahahaha)

I Always

I Usually
sleep at 1 am -.-

I Am Not
an ordinary girl :p hahahah

I Dance
if i have to!not if i want to

I Sing
"fix youuu"

I Never
say never :p ( actually idk what to say here hha)

I Rarely
tidy my bedroom

I Cry
at night

I Am Not Always
right, duh!

I Lose
my faith on him

I'm Confused
about futureee

I Need
to get out from here seriously

I Should
be something someday

I Dream
a LOT! :D

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