Friday, 22 May 2009

only 100

i simply cant sleep.
so i done these list which takes looong time to find it.

so here's the list about me :

1. I love to eat, especially beef, calamari, shrimp, chocolate and snack :P
2. I took only one course when i was like 4-6 years old. and its mathematics-abacus course. yeah! i know hahha and I've never took any course since that.
3. I love to fly. actually i want to know how to fly a plane. seriously!
4. I swallowed my earing when i was like a half years and it made my parents freaking out!
5. I miss my childhood. i always love to be a child.
6. My biggest pet peeve is having my bedroom door opened widely! sucks!
7. I am not kinda spoiled daughter in my family
8. I love British accents.
9. So, England and Austria are two of my favorite places in the world.
10. I am lefty. and proud of it.
11. I've never been in any surgery.
12. honestly, I'm afraid of reality.
13. that's why i love daydreaming.
14. The only thing I am deathly afraid of injection, doctors, or whatever! gagh! esp, dentist!
15. sometimes i think about having tattoo on my back :P maybe some fave quote
16. I have strong feelings. I'm kinda intuitive.
17. as i remembered, extra curricular I've ever joined are dancing, Japanese , tae kwon do,painting , painting-with-somethings-from-banana, ansamble and now, computer.
18. I have a super-duper-lame thumbs LOL
19. I enjoy playing Dance Dance Revolution idk why :P
20. I have to have 'alone' time everyday. that's why people considered me as a gloomy girl.
21. My mom used to cook me some peculiar-fried-"kembang kol" ugh its sucks.
22. I am the least worrisome person ever. I just believe everything happens for a reason, and things work themselves out, so I don't bother to get too worked up over things I cannot change or control.
23. I still get annoyed by stupid shit, though, and have minor bouts of stress.
24. I rarely get the hiccups.
25. I love black and white, did i said that already?
26. I am always wondering about life.
27. I wear glasses only at school and in front of my friends.
28. when i got stressed out, i eat a lot or nothing at all.
29. I'm not heavy drunker :P
30. I'm trying to stop biting my nails.
31. I will try any food once. and sniff at it first.
32. i don't talk to stranger.
33. my first crush was when i was 5 (?) haha
34. I am not believe in ghosts.
35. I've had an experience.
36. I think i should take some courses
37. Someday, i believe, i could get what i want.
38. I love to take pictures!!
39. I love when it rains, or thunder and lightening storms... they comfort me.
40. I think the most freaking thing is "human"
41. I hate to eat cold food , example, nugget.
42. My favorite numbers are 8 and 23
43. I am simple.
44. I have moved about 4 times in my life and maybe i would move again. hate it so.
45. I love outdoor activity.
46. I want be higher than now. aah!
47. I very, very easily get I have learned to entertain myself for long periods of time.
48. My parents and my other family, are used to calling me "cia" since i was kid.
49. I love photography. so much. esp journalism and fashion. oh and spontaneous.
50. I used to be harry potter freak!
51. I'm struggling now.
52. I have odd habit. its putting my fallen-hair on the wall.
53. i love flute and bass sounds.
54. I love chocolate. esp with mint inside.
55. I have a very high tolerance to pain.
56. I believe in karma.
57. I am not a morning person. I hate waking up early. My alarm is on the dresser across the room, so I have to get up and walk to turn it off; it's the only way I can get up.
58. I could spent a lot of time just for daydreaming.
59. I love my hair color.
60. I remember wishing I could change several things about my appearance, when I was a kid. I have matured a lot since then (mentally especially) and can now appreciate those features.
61. I hate people who talk too much.
62. I love smells of wet ground after rained and burning matches.
63. When someone is fishing (for compliments, for pity, etc) I won't give them the satisfaction. Sometimes I get called cold-hearted, but I'm OK with that. If they were genuine, I would have been.
64. It takes a looong time to fill this out. hmm
65. I can't believe we ever lived without the electricity.
66. I haven't "spoken heart to heart" to my mother in 3 years.
67. I am very ignorant. and stubborn idk why. genetic maybe.
68. I am not afraid of germs. I am often heard saying, "it'll build my immune system," before eating something.
69. I'm not a big fan of ice cream. but a huge fans of lemon tea!
70. I am not good at map reading or remembering the way to somewhere. i had lost for many times.
71. I am wondering about " how could people get married? how could people live with someone for the rest of their life?? how could they don't get bored?"
72. I am a good listener. good pretender. and good adviser, though.
73. I am extremely laid back, almost to a fault. It takes a lot to change my mellow mood.
74. I am clumsy. i know it. hh.
75. I think about to cut my hair (again)
76. I don't think I have a very good sense of smell. but i do have a good feeling it almost right for many times.
77. I love trying something that makes my adrenalin pumping.
78. I am an insanely realistic person, though.
79. I love to sleep. hahaa who doesn't?
80. I prefer night to day.
81. I have no any addiction. as i said, i get bored easily.
82. I love to company my mom shop.
83. I prefer coke to fanta.
84. I love watching movies, especially psychological thrillers, drama, comedy, romantic, and of course, fantasy :D
85. I want to be a psychologist when I grow up.
86. I used to have dog. his name is "peggy"
87. i love twins. its very interesting.
88. I do the whole things with my left hand except using the mouse and shaking hands.
89. I think my face isn't built to smile haha. esp wide smile.
90. I am carnivore. and moody.
91. Somethings wrong with my finger, though.
92. Easily to amuse. i am sensitive.
93. I am daydreamer. doodler. never pay attention to my subjects.
94. Actually, i don't care with my friends who smoking. its up to them. they aren't child anymore who needs to be remind about the bad effect of smoking.
95. I eat salt a lot,though.
96. I remember when I was a kid, i wrote "mama baik ,papa jahat" and it makes me grounded bcz my dad read that.
97. I used to think black and white side. never got Grey.
98. I love to observe people.
99. I think a lot. too much. and so many things you don't know yet about me. I'm kinda complicated, though.
100. And seriously, i take a long time to fill this list. thank God, its done. and i think i have to sleep know.

bye all :)
have some sleep.


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