Saturday, 11 July 2009

back to school + f*ing sunday morning + not so good days lately = bad mood.

firstly, i just wanna shout " GODDAMIT!!!! FCUK FCUK FCUUUUUKKKKKKK"

okay.. hmmm sorry for the opening.
lately, i had a not-so-good-even-annoying days.

i have something that i called f*ing sunday morning situation now.
everyone is busy. idk why.and i just cant continue my sleep zzz

my mom and dad just like couldnt stop yelling at me.
they're making me soooo mad.
or am i making them so mad ? haha i dont know.

they told me to tidy my room, school's stuff, even myself! geez!!!
okay, i woke up earlier. about 9 am, where i used to wake up on 1 pm haha
but i am sure i wont wake up on 1 pm anymore because.. I CANT!!

tomorrow, i gotta back to school agaiiiinn, doing my teenagers life agaiin, school, study, doing my 12th grades (yeay)
mm, actually idk have to be happy or kinda worry.
cause ya'know. 12th grades, which is my last year at school. there will be things i hate, called "final exams"

hoah, but, why do i have to worry now?
wooooohooooooooooooo im gonna come back to school and having some fun with my freaking fellas! yeay, but but, i got new class, which is i think, its gonna be so different.
hh.. im gonna miss eleven social one so much, though.

anywaaayyyyy, i just tidied up my messy room, and stuff, and total damage are :
one of my shocks and my school hat , are gone. dammit. i need them tomorrow.

okay, what else?
ah yaa, im really sorry for not doing my job. sorry for the late this far to tag some name , eyn.
seems like im kinda busy lately. sorry sorry.

and ya'know what? i got some new experiences yesterday.
i was tried english test in wall street, english course.
and the result is "i am in waystage 3 level" idk is it good or bad.
my grammar is lower than other parts. hhh, i knew it!!!!and the highest is my vocab.
this is what you got when you learn english by yourself and never join any english course.

then, suddenly, after doing my test, the teacher (idk his name) asked me to join the social club.
and my friends said yes for me to the teacher. owwkayy. i was totally stranger theree.

yeah, overall, the social club wasnt bad. i met some new friends. and kinda cute guy there hehehehe
okay just cut the crap.

hmm, i think someone is trying to runaway from me yeah
YOU know what i mean.
i just wanna say, we couldnt clear our bussiness if we're hiding each other.

hmm but i dont mind.

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