Tuesday, 7 July 2009

so, why i am not the princess.

i am not princess.

i dont sleep for such a looong time.
i dont like apple.
i am not diligent enough, quite smart enough.

i dont have a beautifull to die for face.
i dont live at kingdom.

i dont kiss a grossy frog.
i couldnt feel any small pea behind my bed.

i dont have a king as my father.
i dont have any talent to pull you.

i dont wear a delicate pair of glass slippers.
i dont know how to ride a horse.

i dont have Capullet as my last name.

i dont do magic!

but one thing, i know.
i am tough.

can i be a princess now?

why? why i want to be a princess?

no. not because i want such a wealthy,
or smart or pretty or what.

it simply just because ,
i want you as my happy ending.

is it too much?
yeah i guees.
cause back to basic, i am not princess.

but hey, i deserve my prince!!

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