Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Joko Anwar is the mannnnn

hmm, mungkin kali ini gw agak telat ya, gw ga tau lo semua dah pada tau apa belom tentang yang bakal gw bahas x ini, tp br skg gw dpt feel buat bahasnya.

oke ini mengenai om Joko Anwar (yang gatau siapa dia, sana cr di wikipedia) dan tindakannya yang hmm, gokil.

awalnya si gw emg liat di twitter kalo dia dpt 3000 follower dia bakal bugil k Circle K. once again, he'll be naked if he got 3000 follower on twitter (i am bit forgot its 3000 or more)

i thought he was joking, and he wont do that insane things. to be naked and go to Circle K and shows your tits to everyone, even a drunk man wont do that.

but, suddenly his followers incresed and GOTCHA!! he got more than 3000.
so, as a gentle man who can prove his words, he was naked. and went to Circle K naked!!!

what i am wondering now, what the hell he's thinking before he tweeted that and how does it feel when he got 3000 followers.
and did you lose your insanity?

is that important to get many followers?
but, salute!! you are the damn lunatic man.
you're not just bullshit-ing but you did it.

*clapping hands*

kalo gw jd dia, mungkin pas gw bnrn dpt 3000 follower, gw bakal jungkir balik dari ujung jalan sawo 1 ke ujung jalan sawo 2 kali ya. abis mesti naked ke circle K gitu. mending kalo gw bkn siapaa2, lah kalo gw public figure! mau dikemanain muka gw abis gw bertelanjang ria k Circle K?

i mean, how does it feel to be naked in Circle K, man?
what makes you lose your mind? just for fun? its not fun. its gross, man :D

but, that's okay for me. i am not contra the nudity. because i don't see it as a porn way but sometimes i see it in my way which you may not understand it.
but this.. this is so freaking insane! XD

moral of the story : beware of your mind and mouth, twitter is not everything. it can be so dangerous, man.

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