Thursday, 8 October 2009

sometimes its good to talk to stranger, mom.

Stranger: Hai
You: hello
Stranger: you remember the plan, right?
You: what plan?
You: im forget
Stranger: For tomorrow
You: tell me more
Stranger: Yes i will
Stranger: You, Greg and Gwyneth will drive close to the bay tomorrow

You: who's gonna buy some beers?
You: ok
Stranger: Wait with that 'til the celebrating
You: what about the yeyo??
Stranger: forget that to
Stranger: anyway

You: so what should i do then...
Stranger: gwyneth will blow up the telephoe booth close to the bay
You: ok
Stranger: the cops will arrest her
You: do i have bring my gun?
Stranger: but it leaves us the opportunity to infiltrate the building
Stranger: know what i'm saying?

You: yeah
Stranger: of course you need your gun
Stranger: especially because you're the gunman
Stranger: El Pistolero

You: i will get my deagle
You: btw, what building??
Stranger: The only bouiding thats close to the bay Jake!
Stranger: you know what building

You: dang thats mcdonald dude.
You: check ur map..
Stranger: God...
Stranger: FUCK
Stranger: wrong bay

You: change ur plan bob
Stranger: I will, we take the west bay
You: and...?
Stranger: check your map
Stranger: you must recognize the building

You: ok, ill take the west wing..
Stranger: of course, as always
You: straight to the right
You: 2nd door right?
Stranger: no the left, you holds the map up and down
You: my bad...
Stranger: and the third door
You: left...
You: 3rd door
You: got it...
Stranger: god, we've been there daytime and have prepared so muuch
You: 2nd floor?
Stranger: you must know
You: or 3rd?
Stranger: yap, second floor
You: i dont recall
You: whos gonna be my back up?
Stranger: Greg will blow up the doors
Stranger: so bring your penguins
Stranger: sorry, earcups
Stranger: i'm your backup

You: ok, maybe i should bring my cat to...
Stranger: gwyneth will be killed by the pilice
You: what????
You: why?
Stranger: she doesn't know yet
Stranger: but we dont need her afterwards

You: after i take the stuff, i will kill greg right?
Stranger: no greg is a useful man
Stranger: we three stick together

You: split by 3...
Stranger: but when we're out again we'll get some backup
You: ok, got man...
You: got it
Stranger: but we'll kill the backup when they're no use
You: ill be the trigger man
You: i love killing peoples
Stranger: Thats the spirit Jake
You: hell yeah bob
Stranger: BYE THEN
You: wait
Stranger: and good luck jake
You: 1 more question
Stranger: yes
You: can i fuck gwyneth tonight?
Stranger: yes of course, right after me
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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(btw, its not my conversations. i got it from someone. but its quite funny so i shared it here)

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