Monday, 26 October 2009

things that i miss so much :

  • watching rugrats
  • watching the Addams Family (if i celebrated Halloween i might be Wednesday Addams. my unfriendly face would be very supporting.)
  • watching any cartoons in the Sunday morning like i used to do when i was kid
  • watching power rangers and get entertain of it instead of knowing all the things inside only bullshit
  • waiting for the Christmas Day because there would be so much home alone movie and other Christmas movie
  • doing my homework after back from school (cause since i entered JHS i was never doing my homework at home. mostly at school in the morning)
  • waiting for my birthday no, i haven't like my birthday things since i was kid.
  • going to St. Christopher Church. the only church i'd like to go. the only church that i can feel really in church.
  • hugging my mom so tight
  • teasing my little brother.
  • sleeping at 9
  • reading Bobo

basically, i miss my childhood much much muchh.

when everything goes blurrier than ever now. when everything seems not promising at all. when you cant hang on on anyone but yourself. when the safest place you can reach, you dont know where. when there are so much seduction but nothing you can trust in guide you but yourself.
when you can sleep so tight and knowing there will be so much fun tomorrow to do instead of worrying about it.

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