Tuesday, 20 October 2009

this is my drama. what are you being in my life?

Margaretha as Ms .... (fill in the blank, please!)
Maria Christina as ms. lovable-funny-but-quiet-moody
Asmara Abigail as Ms know-what-to-say-and-how-to-amaze-people
Barbara Vania as Ms lets-have-some-fun-this-is-so-boring
Erlin Triartha as Ms childish-and-clumsy-but-has-a-mature-thoughts-at-the-same-time
Elvina as Ms i-cant-reject-you-i-love-you-full-or-too-kind
Amethisya as Ms this-is-me-so-what?
Windy as Ms always-texting-someone
Rara as Ms i-am-so-damn-boring-to-the-max-so-lets-play
Dudi as Mr knows-everything
Tabitha as Ms i-am-just-a-big-mama's-girl

that's all. actually i have more label for people around me, but i only wrote these because i kept it to myself.

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