Monday, 7 December 2009


today is my best friend's day.
yeay! today she is already 17th!

HAPPY HAPPY 17TH, TITUUTT (idk if you remembered it or not but i gave you this nickname) :)
best wishes and lots of luck for this upcoming year! woot woot.

(i would really give you this if i know where to find it)

(this is the birthday girl.i grabbed this one bcs this is my fave)

she is a big lovely girl.
i like and even love her.
she is funny
she is childish yet mature
she is incredible thing :)
she is lovely (did i mention that?)
she is loud
she is freaaakk
she likes pretend to pick up the phone and say "halo" using anything on her hand at that time (even using her hairrr)
she likes to make funny sounds ( the 'spontan jahe' solo guitar is my favorite)
she has the longest tongue i've ever seen
she loves her family
she likes to write 'eau' on any paper she had
she hates the smell of 'terasi'
she is so random
she often said something funny
we like to pretend that i am in London and she is in Paris while chatting, so we would like to ask each other "how are you? how's London/Paris?" even actually we're not
we have something in common
we have same feelings

so for this year, i hope she will find another guy to stick with
i hope she'll get accepted in University of Indonesia
i hope she will be more mature
i hope God bless her and her family

(umm actually i am not good at making greetings)

soo, once again.


PS : the gift is coming soon



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