Tuesday, 8 December 2009

so, reach it.

i hate this weekend. its exam weekend and everyday for a week, i should be doing 3 tests in a day.
3, folks. the subject doesnt matter for me but what i hate is its spending more time than it should.

and today i am so mad with my principal. i lost my respect to her. she's doesnt credible for being a principal i guess.

so, here i am, i supposed to study math but by looking my 10th grade math notes is already making me sick!

you know what, people?
i promise to you, someday i'll be a backpacker and go trough this bally world.
you know why? bcs i am always wondering since i was kid, why did i get here? why was i born in Indonesia?
i mean, i know Indonesia is beautiful or whatever, but its just doesnt make sense for me.
i dont know why God put me in here. why did He pick me? or Indonesia? is He using a pin and aim it randomly to world map while creating me?

and i just think that there's a place that much more beautiful than here.
and someday, i have to check it out!!!!!!!
i have to.
this is my dream. this is my purpose. this is aim.

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