Friday, 25 December 2009

my stupidity in xmas, whats yours?

huah its Christmas day (drum roll) "DASSH!" (singing : dashing through the snow, get the fuck off my way)
okay enough.

so, what did i do last night?
last night was Christmas eve. so i went to church with my friends.and when i was going to Asbi's house to go to church together, you know what? without realizing that, i let my jeans zipper widely open, GODDAMNIT! i cant imagine i walked with my zipper widely opened!
not surprising if i felt like all people were staring at me! they were.. looking at my ~ ARGHH!
i felt so ashamed!

so, in the next day, as usually my friends sent me greeting Christmas messages. like merry Christmas and bla3.
because i just slept at 3 am, then i was woken up by those messages at 10 am and too lazy to type or arrange some new messages, and i felt like i have to reply those messages, i decided to forward my older Christmas messages that i got from my another friend.

it sounds like this:

carols were sung, cherubs were danced, and Christmas was born.
have a merry & joyous Christmas this year -David & family

(i choose this bcs i think its pretty good mssg)

so , i start to forward that message to everyone.
and stupidly me, i forgot to remove the credit!
i forgot to remove David & family.

OMG!!' i was like, WTF ive done!!
and now, i think my friends will laugh on me bcs my stupidity. or they were wondering who the hell David is. or.. arghh!
i feel ashamed. twice on this Christmas. great.

so, have yourself a merry little christmas!

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