Wednesday, 23 December 2009

finally, christmas time.

so, tonight is Christmas eve yawn!
i love it. even in here we're not snowing.not even close, or even cold weather but i do love christmas. always.

and let me share you, my Christmas tradition, or ritual that i always do in Christmas eve.
watching this.

oh i love that jazz christmas song that Mr Bean conducts!

if santa's real. well.. i think he wont give me anything bcs i know i am a bad girl after all.
anywaayy, i wont tell you my wish list this time maybe its gonna be long list with canon, mac and Charlie McDonell on it but my top wish, which is my only wish that i really want is, i want to celebrate my Christmas in England with my whole family.

and then, in the end, the orange koala just wanna say..

to y'all. happy holiday, happy Hanukkah, happy christmas, happy happy! X)

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