Saturday, 23 January 2010

10 concert band/ musician that i will never miss to watch them live!

1. he's Maksim! (if you have no idea who the hell is he) i want to bite his gorgeous fingers!

2. Gorillaz. the best virtual band comes alive. oh i wont miss them.

3. he's John fckin Mayer. who'll be so stupid to miss him??

4. my dreams. (the beatles)

5. Daft Punk. no comment.

6. the sexiest old man. plus great skill. Santana!!

7. Frank Sinatra, im still craving on you :3

8. i heard they always have a great live performance. hmmm.

9. even he wont rock my town, watching you alive will always rock my heart. (hahaha!)

10. ... (you tell me who i shouldn't miss!)

why i choose them? because i think, yes, there are so many great musicians outside that have a huge talent too, but some of them just soso in live performance. they're not give a 'different' performance lively to me. they can sing well, but just some of them that can perform well.

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