Saturday, 23 January 2010

i was so damn bored so i googled this.

Some facts on left-handed people:
People who are left handed make up about 5-15% of the population (i am part of them)

The genes for left-handedness are so far elusive (oh yeah?)

Lefties are relatively numerous among creative men

Lefties are relatively numerous among children rated as having an IQ higher than 131 (i had 131 but now im sure that it was decreasing into .. 1.i feel so dumb lately.)

Lefties are relatively numerous among individuals who are good at music and maths (bull sh*t)

Most left-handers draw figures facing to the right. (haha not really)

There is a high tendency in twins for one to be left-handed (oh my twin, where are you? i wish you lived.)

Stuttering and dyslexia occur more often in left-handers (particularly if they are forced to change their writing hand as a child) (thx to my understanding mom for not making me dumber)

Left-handers adjust more readily to seeing underwater.

Left-handers excel particularly in tennis, baseball, swimming and fencing

Left-handers usually reach puberty 4 to 5 months after right-handers

4 of the 5 original designers of the Macintosh (Apple) computer were left-handed

1 in 4 Apollo astronauts were left-handed – 250% more than the normal level. (yes!)

Almost 40% of the top tennis pros are left-handed

Left handed people are three times more likely than right handed people to become alcoholics (scientists speculate that it is because the right hemisphere of the brain has a lower tolerance for alcohol then the left side of the brain)

People who are left handed use the right side of the brain most while right handed people use the left side of the brain most

In Many cultures children who were left handed were forced to use there right hands instead.

More men than women are lefties

Left handed stroke victims recover faster than right handed stroke victims

Left-handers more likely than right handers to be creative geniuses

Left-handers were severely discriminated against during the 18th and 19th centuries and it was often “beaten out” of people

In adulthood, left-handers were often shunned by society, resulting in fewer marrying and reproducing

As discrimination was reduced in the 20th century, the number of natural left-handers who stayed left-handed increased

The rising age of motherhood contributed as, statistically, older mothers are more likely to give birth to left-handed children

Left-handers are also generally better at 3-dimensional perception and thinking

Left-handers are also usually pretty good at most ball sports and things involving
hand-to-eye co-ordination

Left-handers’ brains are structured differently in a way that widens their range of abilities

A study found that left-handed men are 15% richer than right-handed men for those who attended college, and 26% richer if they graduated

Left-Hander’s Day is August 13th

In 60s music, Jimi Hendrix played a right-handed Fender Stratocaster strung upside down to accommodate his left-handedness. Paul McCartney of The Beatles is left-handed; when he first played for John Lennon , he played Lennon’s right-handed guitar upside-down. Ringo Starr of the Beatles is also left-handed

Left-handed persons are thought to process information using a “visual simultaneous”
method in which several threads can be processed simultaneously.

Left-handed people have an excellent ability to multi-task

The hypothesis that left-handed people are predisposed to visual-based thought has been validated by a variety of evidence.

Left-handed university students are more likely to major in visually-based, as opposed to language-based subjects. Another sample of 103 art students found an astounding 47% were left- or mixed-handed.

In the Middle Ages, writing with your left hand was punishable by death (oh thank God i was born in this effing 21th century!)

Half of left handed people use a computer mouse with their right hand (I’m one of them)

If both parents are left handed, 50% of their offspring will be left handed. 2 Righties only have 2% chance of having a leftie

There are twice as many left handed boys than girls

Obama is left-handed

conclution from me :
most of them are bullsh#t to me. i am not good at any sports, or math or even music. i just like them. but its a yes if i am good at multitasking or visualization i dont think i will work for Macintosh or being a president. and i thanked god for not creating me in 20th century, bcs thats why nowadays, left-handed people are just 5-15% in this world bcs they were killed in 20th century, and you know, left handed are genetics. and yes, i love art more than any subject.

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