Sunday, 10 January 2010

i really hate making decision financially.

argh i always end up with buying something not important, more expensive than i had plan before, spent much more than i targeted before. erghhh...

just like today, today is just like yesterday(s).
thats why i always running out my money. like today :

  1. i planned to buy only 1 macaroni schotellalshdfuierfchjbrfgf-whatever it should be typed.
  2. since food is my biggest temp so i bought 2.
  3. then i planned to buy a sketch book, A5.
  4. occasionally, the stationery doesnt have A5
  5. so i should straightly go home instead of take a walk and take a sneak to some books.
  6. but then suddenly -this is my second biggest temptation- there's a book sale that offering so damn low prices. like only 5K - 15K for new book?!
  7. so i got interested to some books. i took a long time to think should i buy it or not, with questioning myself a lot, like is it important? is it really great? ( i dont accept "good" for books, movies, and food.) will you have time to read it? you should be studying btw and bla bla blaa.
  8. ok then, after like 30 minutes in that book store and convincing myself, i shouldnt buy those books. so i went home.
  9. but when i got home, i had to take my bro to the drug store, so there i went.
  10. i decided to wait in the nearest flea bookstore.
  11. then I returned to the house with flea books that cost 2 times more expensive with a new book that I had seen in bookstore before.
  12. DAMN!
  13. i mean, i am so easily tempted!!!
so, i guess i really need someone to told me whats good whats not please. or maybe any suggestion to manage my finance. its really hard when you're a nerd teenage girl.
hope i didnt make a wrong decision this time.

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