Wednesday, 20 January 2010

summary of my try-out

well, this is the last day, finally.
it was such a torture to my brain.

first day. math and bahasa. well.. bahasa was still okay, but math.. as hell as usually. i dont know, is it me being too dumb or the questions was just for such-a-Einstein level! err. i felt so stupid. i dont know, i was sure i got so many 9's and 8's when i was in elementary and JHS but, now.. i am sure. my brain wasnt built to solve those fcking numbers.

second day, geography and english. english was under controlled. geo.. as hell as usually. omg, please, who can solve those freaking things that we learnt since we were 10th grade. our brain isnt a cupboard which contain so much memories and we can find it anytime. we are human who can forget :'| hahahhaha

third day, i-dont-fucking-care.

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