Monday, 18 January 2010

i dont know what to do when the cause and cure is you

how long is 'someday' ?

have you ever think about it? i was wondering about it, today.
i dont know, i think it's a deep word. and dont you ever say it if you are not sure how long it takes or will it be happen.

dont you ever. because, the effect of it, it just give us too many hopes that maybe just.. empty.
depending on something unsure its so not me. but it might be.

someday. always someday. i ask people, and they say someday. keep waiting. in vain maybe. no no
im not just talking about love in here.

someday.. everything could be happen.
someday, i'm gonna forget you.
someday, we could be something.
someday, i might be something.
or someday, i might be just the same. a useless loser.

a useless loser? we are. not only me, i guess.
why? check your own self. what have you done after all this time?

someday is about future too. huh!
the best way to predict future is to create it. i like that.

and today,i learn something. everything in this world needs an effort.
nothing is instant.
nothing.. believe me.

and the harder we try, the sweeter it tastes.
in vain? its just about time. give time time.

thats how life works.
oh shit, what the hell i am talking here.

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