Sunday, 17 January 2010

today is just so random.

well, i changed my template again.
feel bored with the old one. and tomorrow i have 2 try-out. wish me luck. i dont study yet.
well who cares.

today, for the first time. i feel bored with the most exciting thing and the most interesting thing in the world : internet.
yeah. i dont know why, but its a good sign.

and i realized that lately im not productively blogging. maybe its my writers-block time. sorry folks, seriously i have so many things to tell you but i just dont feel like it.

hftt.. and, today i went to book flea store, and i was looking for some great (i dont accept 'good') books but again, i am just waaaayyy too picky!

emm, what else i want to told you.. i dont know, the more i study the more i feel so sick with school.
i really want to graduate immediately!!!!
i feel sick of EVERYTHING!

and oh yeah, this morning i woke up at 4 (which is miracle) just for to go to church!!
4 o'clock in the goddamn morning!
(praise the lord)

.. because, i had to accompany my father. my father is a sound engineering in church (sounds cool huh? (; i like it, actually i dont know what it is called his job but i just like to say so.)
and the best thing is..
you know, a small room in radio station where you have so many boxes with tunnel and button on it? and also big headphones, PC, mic, and somethings like that? so we can go on air.
my father's room is just like that and usually its prohibited for strangers, but today..
i can sit in front of those things and feel like.. an announcer!! its feels great.
when my father went away to bathroom, i pretended like i was a announcer, i turned on and spin all the button as much as i could then got it back. just like i was on-air announcer. cool. also! i wore a headphones.

yeah, so have i told you i want to be a radio announcer since i listened to the radio for the first time? well, yes i am.

argh, cant wait to sit on that big spinning chair and wear a cool headphones in a small square room, spinning your favorite songs!

anyway, i heard so many complaining about facebook and twitter. well, i think its a poison!
seriously, i mean, we are addicted to social networking, i mean? how come!
just dont be too much, put all your private life story, weeping on your stat/tweet, and even ASK other people to like your not-so-cool status by fb chat! its so lame.

and tagging yourself on your own photo so people can see how you have so many photos. please..
adding unknown people? its still okay. say thanks for approving? not so okay. say thanks for adding- really not okay.
and sometimes i find it annoying while i was tagged by photo that shows someone's shamefulness then people commented on it, laughing on it. its sometimes annoying men. esp when you're not in the mood or you dont even have any business with that person.
or.. keep inviting me some pages that i dont even give a shit!

well. just saying.

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