Tuesday, 9 February 2010


"what if, i had some kind of strange and incurable disease running on my veins?"

well, last night, i heard on one of late night radio show, he told me a pretty touching story.

there is a boy who had an epilepsy, someday, during the class (yes he is a student) he was relapse because of the uncertain weather these days. suddenly he seizures and foam start running out from his mouth. then his classmate ran immediately to his gf's class, and called her.
and then his gf's ran as fast as she can to reach out him. then she tried to calm him.

so, do you got it? i mean, this story proved that there are still such an unconditional love!
i felt so flattered how can a girl survive and trying to always be with her 'imperfect' bf.
hmm that was a rare i guess. how far you can accept someone's imperfect? how long you can get along with a boy with all his imperfection? especially when it comes to physically.

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