Tuesday, 9 February 2010

just a little update

halo halo.
yeah, i know these days i didnt make a proper or even readable posting in my blog. i didnt write any long story, just a few quotes to keep this alive.

well, as i've said, i got writer's block.
i dont know what to write and feel like what i write isnt proper enough for y'all.

i dont know, these several days, i feel so.. tired and grumpy.
i want to spare my time and being alone watch some drama romantic movies and end up with crying a lot.
i want to walk alone to go somewhere where i can eat something until i puke, where nobody knows me, and i can dance until i broke my legs!
i want to sleep until i dont need to sleep anymore
i want to, escape. haha

anyway, tomorrow, is the first yearbook's photshoot. yeah cant wait for it.
the theme is the art of africa.
so lets see how far we can go.

if i got permission to show the photos i prmisee! i will. okay?
wish me luck. and also for my second try out. which i feel more optimist.

go go go!

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