Sunday, 28 February 2010

c'est la vie

i have a big question running on my mind lately. how to collect 5 million rupiah in (more or less) 3 months?
maybe its just piece of cake for some of you.
but th problem is, i have to collect it by myself.

why? good question.
because, i am kind of independent girl who more like to get something that i want so bad with effort. nothing's instant in this world.
i mean, this thing that im craving for isnt really necessary so i guess my parent wont let their 5 million casually to me . and apparently, i am educated to get what i want by an effort. the bigger effort you make, the greater it tastes.

and, now i have no idea how to collect those money.
yes now i am officially need a job.

but, one thing  i know, i am sure i will get it this year. i dont know why. and, i can feel it in my hand now.
*growing positive thinking*

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