Saturday, 3 April 2010

iLove :

  1. outer space- idk why i think outer space its like other world. bigger than this, more mysterious and funnier than here.
  2. stars - seriously, who dont like stars???
  3. lightning - its just.. so beautiful for me. fierce but beautiful. only once but deathly.
  4. sea (despite i have bathophobia and cetaphobia) - its like never-land. you know, no one knows what is deep inside sea.
so thats why i want to
  1. be an astronaut
  2. have a big telescope like boscha does, or at least let me use that thing and see the stars!
  3. be a storm chaser or lighting photographer. or at least work for National Geographic as their photographer
  4. diving.
  5. travel the world and take so many pictures from what i see directly

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