Saturday, 3 April 2010

a year

huaaaaa saya baru sadar, april ini blog saya officially setahun!!

so? how to celebrate it? well.....
lets talking about this bloggie.

inside and outside.

start from the URL address.
why? bcs i just simply agree with that statement. wishing wasnt (ever) enough. we need an effort to reach it. and i want people to remember that by seeing my address.

the orange koala.
mm, actually, before this title, i named this bloggie, margiiee and the black sheep. but i decided to change it to the orange koala. why why why? sounds weird yeah i know, but it is actually me. if any of you remember, i joined a quiz about my personality and it came up with orange koala as my result. so thats why, this blog is about me. me is the orange koala.

layout. well, i get bored easily but this layout has the longest period since i changed it. i just like simplicity. and the colour just fit the title of this blog.

i have 670's postings in here including drafts. and 515 of them already posted.
yeah i write everyday. everydaaaaayyy even im so fckin busy or tired.

why did i make this blog?
first, because i have another blog before this but i find it too personal to be read by everybody so i made this, (and keep that one  to myself.) where i can share all my thoughts, stories, drawings, pictures, anyhting i want to ppl.
second, because of her.

i love writing yeah. but sometimes i couldnt deny the writer's block. and it happened a lot. so it makes sense why my posts was so like.. soso and bullshit sometimes. i just wrote to keep it alive.

mm... i dont now what else to say.
so, happy blogging. and happy 1st anniversary "the orange koala"

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