Sunday, 2 May 2010

brb tepar

setelah beberapa hari menghilang dari dunia maya dan sempat lupa punya rumah, gue akhirnya merasakan, home sweet(er than not at) home -..-

anyway, im not gonna tell you about that.
i always want to bang my head against the wall everytime i see calendar.
i have 3 months to psend and i dont know how (to spent it wisely without money and still have fun actually)
seriously??? 3 months? yes i do want a holiday and yes i was screaming for that but , please duh!
3 months? my brain could froze before i start my college (ehem)

well, so i plan somethings, what should i do during holiday :
maintain this blog.
maintain myself bcs i think i am pretty messed after doing so many tests.
dying my hair (just plan! relax, i wont dye my hair into red or orange okay?! or even blonde)
more swimming
collecting money T__T

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