Monday, 31 January 2011

hello kitty, katakanlah IP ku berapa.....

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so, my final score is finally out. ive been waiting for such a long time :/
anyway the result isnt bad, actually quite good. i can still join 'senat' if i wanted to. but, it actually slaps me.
2,9. i mean, i can do better than that. it almost 3 if i tried harder. haha but its ok. i am not such a score-freak.
but, what i am thank god for is, i didnt get any D :D
mmm, but, i got C's on my Jornalist and Communication, which aree, two major subjects for broadcasting hahah
but i still can choose it.
and i got A's on my Law and PR, they're really great if wanted to take PR later. i stick to my plan.

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