Thursday, 27 January 2011

let's go with life after high school.

okay, some say college's sucks. some say college's great.
well for me, i gotta say, college's isnt that interesting yet.

i mean, the good thing is, my college doesnt gimme a dozen of homeworks and assignments like others do. well, if they were then i am the only one didnt feel so. bcs since i was in high school i never feel the craziness of lots of assignments. art of procrastinating though.
buut, i cant deal with the people inside.
i mean they're nice. but i dont want nice people. i want people like me who can balance my.. (what we called it, freakishness?) ok you named it. my personality. my thoguhts. who can change thoughts with mine. who can inspire me moree. but, no one can, yet.

i know among those 1k-ish people there must be at least, one or two who has the same thing with me. and i cant barely wait to meet them. i mean, my neighbourhood now is.. weird. they're so average. and they cant deal with my taste and instead, they call me tasteless and weird. ha-ha what an irony.

i am officially diamond in the mud, yo.

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