Monday, 7 March 2011


so this is real and im gonna make it quick bcs im too tired to write.

i was going home as usually, taking 610 bus from blok m terminal. you think, every 610 buses is the same? no until you hear my story.

i was about taking, the first 610 bus i saw, but, something distracts me. i decided to buy some candies bcs i was sleepy like i couldnt even open my eyes any longer.
than, i missed that first bus i saw.

then, i took the next 610 bus. after bought some candies.
you know what?
after that, in the next meters, i saw that 610 bus i was going to take, is crushed. the whole windows is broken. the glasses is spreaded on the road. and it caused a little traffic. so many people.

i was like, geez. that i was escaping from death? :O
i could just die if i took that bus.

but still, universe doesnt want me yet.

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