Tuesday, 8 March 2011

(update) keyakinan, modal utama.

ingetin, mau ngomongin soal dosen dan keyakinannya.

oke, setelah ngumpuin nyawa dan niat, im gonna tell you about my lecturer and his believe.

so, finally i got a proper lecturer. he teach in politic class. he's doing his dissertation to become a doctor and soon going to be proffesor. well, young proff. he's only.. 27ish.

he's funny. i laughed a lot in his class. he's easy going.

he told us, that the only key become succes is, having faith on yourself.
he said, he comes from not-so-wealth family. one day, he said to his friends, he's going to become University of Indonesia student. and his friend didnt believen in him. as we know, going into UI is hard as fuck. esp only from SNMPTN way.

then, he didnt got it.

but, he still believed he's going to be. well, he finished his bachelor in unpad then finally made it to UI. he finished his master in UI, in 2 major subject, and got second rank among his faculty. damn man.

and now, he told us, he's going to be a ministry in Indonesia goverment. his friends still laughed at him. so some kids on my class. me? i believe in him too.

btw, his friends who laughed at him was still stuck with his bachelor, while my lecturer already graduate and got his master degree.

he said, at first he didnt believe in himself too. he only became activist and did demonstration around. barely coming to class, he only had faith.


he said, if you think that god is cruel, then god could more cruel than we thought. so, beware with our mind.
we become what we think. our faith could deliver us to everywhere.

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