Wednesday, 8 June 2011

a decade

apa yang bisa terjadi dalam 1 dekade?
well, dalam 1 dekade ada 120 bulan, 120 bulan ada 3600 hari, ada 86400 jam. well, intinya kalo menurut Malcolm Goldwell, saya udh bisa memasteri 8 hal karena hanya dibutuhkan 10.000 jam memasteri satu bidang. (eh tolong ya kalo salah mohon diperbaiki. lama ga nyentuh angka)

dlam 1 dekade kebelakang, i have no idea i will be like this. i mean this whole thing. i dont think i will like and even wanna be a photographer, or even artist. when i was 9, i have no direction to go.
its all still blurry. well, still now. but at least i know where to go.

the conclusion is, when i was 9, i have no idea what would i be. i even dont think i am 19 alredy. time fckin fliessssssss so fasssttt nd i dont feel any changeeeeee.
i am still naive girl. i am still a rule breaker. i am still a toddler who asking her dad to take her higherr
i am still mee and will always be mee.
except, my mind. that getting more complicate and more complicated than beforee.

and i am wondering what would i be in the next ten years. i am making my wayy~~~

men, seriously, i know i can write better than this. but i just dont feel like to.

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