Friday, 10 June 2011

you are not my bro until you are fully capable in english !

lo.. no im kidding. today i proudly saay, thats my broo!!!!
nope, he didnt win any scientific noble or something. but he just took final report.
and the result is so good. i mean like. he got 3rd rank. comparing me in the high school back there.. i was so dull hehehe

i never help him, like any help, in studyingbut he could make it. thats why i am proud of him.
he got 93 for science (average from physic and biology *.* PHYSIC. DAMNNNNN. )
he got 90 for computer
but unfortunately, he got 76 for english. hmm the first thing i asked to him is, whats your score for englsh btw. but thats okay. im not an advance in english neither :)

therefore, you, my bro, should take science major and not letting your genius brain wasted, please. dont follow my waayyy! make your own path!
i can see a bright future in you.

congrats!! :))

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