Friday, 10 June 2011

this is how i spend my "minggu tenang"

minggu tenang, or lets say, quite week. is the week for student to calm themselves (?? is there anybody panic??) and study more, for final exam.
but, not for me.

this is how  i spent my quite week.
  1. Monday : woke up at 10, took a bath, ate, then sleep again. and woke up at 6pm. idk what the hell is wrong with me. 
  2. Tuesday : nothing special. woke up at 11. then played internet for whole day.
  3. Wednesday : same. 
  4. Thursday : went to campus to take additional classes.
  5. Friday : went to citywalk, spend my day at kemang.
  6. Saturday : (which is today) planning on going to TSM, but it seems delayed, then i am planning to go to Gancit for goelali briefing, fx for focus discussion then kopi keliling exhibition.
  7. Sunday : i am planning to excercise some more since long time agoo (before i turn to pig) at GBK, then go to Senen, then attending Kickfest. 
what a lazy week!  am so quite now B) believe me, i am not this busy usually. quite week should be spent by much going out. not studying at all bcs you're gonna be so sick of studying in the next week. and take much much rest so you can charge your energy B)

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